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Whispa Remix is fun, free and simple to use. Think lego for music.
We are music creation for everyone on their mobile and with their friends.

The future of the creative music experience is here.

Whispa Music - whispa remix app

What's so awesome about Whispa?

Download Whispa & you will be creating music on your mobile in minutes.
Best of can make tasty tracks with friends!


One click download 'sample packs' to your phone.

Build your remix from start to finish

Add effects, EQ & share your track for all to hear.

Music Together

One click download 'sample packs' to your phone.

Start remixing & collaborate

Social remixing. Tweak with friends.

Discover and

Listen & discover new music

Share your remixes with friends

Win prize packs & VIP tickets

Some of the dope Music on Whispa

Here are a few artists & labels we work with and you can remix on the Whispa App.
Let us know if there is someone you want to remix.

Unlimited Remixes for the $ of a Burger WHAT ?!

You can remix a Song Pack as many times as you want after purchase!



Free downloads every month

  • Completely Free Song Packs each month
  • Share with your friends and create
  • Discover new music
  • Test out new styles

Song Pack

Experience your favourite tracks on a new level.

  • Remix tracks with your friends
  • Hear the individual parts that make tracks kick
  • Earn points & win prizes and VIP experiences
  • Create your own songs with friends

Song Pack

Take your music from everyday to every way.

  • Exclusive loops, samples and sounds
  • Remix the best artists in the world
  • World class producers sounds
  • Drop your masterpiece at your next party

The Crazy Ones

The peeps who love their music so much they decided to build Whispa Music.

More from Whispa Music

Links to more info, Links to friends, Links to cool things...just more Links really.

For Professional Music Makers

Whispa Music has a pro collaboration website for music makers around the world. click here for more.

New Music for Whispa

Do you have some tasty tracks that would be awesome on the Whispa App? Then hit us up stat...we are always keen to help promote new music.

Hello Investors

We would love to speak to can always see more on us via AL or send us an email.

Feel free to hit us up

We dig feedback, making friends & finding new music to promote.


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