Welcome to the embeddable music remix app…Whispa.

This demo uses the Whispa branding (Our app has been built to perform best within the Chrome browser).

You can have your own brand and background image with our Pro & Ninja subscriptions from as little as $149 p/m.

Our customers will typically grab a users details (or social/page like) as currency to gain access to the app. This is where you can build your list – or show a pre roll video of your brand or message.

Once the user creates a song they can share it with their friends…and invite them to create one as well…which creates the loop for new users and potential customers engaging with your brand through the power of music.

Below you will see the app in action…if you are on mobile then





Simply drag the instruments onto the stage.

Move the instruments to get new sounds.

Long click to adjust instrument volume.

Add sections to your song by hitting the ‘+’ button.

Upload your creation with the upload button.

Ready to let Whispa build your audience?